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Workstation Ergonomic Advice

Tired of back pain and stiffness from sitting at your desk?


As an osteopath Jarvia is committed to reducing injuries, improving health and to changing the way in which we design and think about how we work. Jarvia’s passion and drive to radically change how we work was born from the numbers of patients seeking her help and treatment for workplace ‘sitting injuries’.

Jarvia has transformed the design and ergonomic practices of many of her patients’ workplaces to date. These spaces have included: offices and desk spaces, designers work stations, editing suites. Jarvia provides individual physical assessments, a posture retraining programme (and treatment if required), workspace and practice assessment. She then makes ergonomic recommendations and redesign implementations based on these assessments.

Jarvia’s commitment to a standing revolution is based on her clinical experience which has been reinforced further by emerging medical and physiological research and data which unequivocally demonstrates the benefits of standing rather than sitting at work. These benefits are not just for the spine and musculoskeletal system but also improve the health of: the cardiovascular system, metabolic rate, blood sugar and fat levels, endorphin release, mood, energy levels, improved creativity and productivity.

Jarvia says:
“Being sedentary in the work place has been a cultural norm for too long now. It has a negative effect on our long term health, the musculoskeletal system, especially our spines, as well as cardiovascular disease and diabetes and this link appears to be over and above other lifestyle factors such as our diet and physical activity. What are the benefits of a standing desk? Spending a majority of your day standing versus sitting helps keep your heart rate up, you burn more calories, and the flexing of your muscles helps produce lipoprotein lipase and other molecules that play an important role in processing fats and sugars which maintain a healthy metabolism. It also reduces pressures on the spine and other joints.
The emerging body of evidence and patient anecdotal reports on the health improvement and benefits of standing in the workplace shifts the idea of standing desks from being not just an individual choice but my ambition is that in the near future it will become a duty of care for employers to provide it as an choice for their workforce.
Obviously there are dangers in maintaining any one body position for too long, whether it is sitting/ standing/ kneeling, but as our desk-based jobs become more sedentary we must find ways to protect our health and overall well-being. Using a new style of working, such as a standing workstation, we can start to reverse the negative impacts of too much sitting. Incorporating a sit-stand stool into the equation of the work station the user has the option to give the body variety, which in turn relieves the potential for strain, whilst maintaining a healthy posture, improved breathing and blood flow. This can reduce or eliminate back pain that is created or exacerbated by over-sitting.
As a society we’ve allowed our workplaces to become too sedentary and are suffering physically and mentally as a result (statistically Musculoskeletal Disorders are the second highest cause of sickness in the UK). Too much sitting has become a national silent traumatic epidemic for our spines and health. The time has come to understand the urgency for (over)standing! The benefits do not just stop with the individual, we can see how this change improves workforce mood and social/business interactions, energy levels, creativity and productivity. This in turn has the potential for a wider influence on the health and happiness of our society as a whole”

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Get up! Stand up!

Jarvia is a certified DSE assessor.