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What to Expect

  • During the initial one hour consultation all patients receive specialist examination (e.g. postural, orthopaedic, neurological) and diagnosis.
  • The diagnosis then informs an individually tailored Treatment Plan with ergonomic and lifestyle advice.
  • The number of treatments required to alleviate pain and symptoms depends on their cause, but this will often consist of a programme of between 1-2, 2-4 or 4-8 treatments.
  • Should patients require further medical investigation prior to treatment (e.g. MRI/CT scans) Jarvia will refer directly to the local imaging department or to other specialists (Neurologist/Rheumatologist) or back to their GP for other tests.

Out of Hours appointments are available for those unable to attend normal clinic hours. For further enquiries please discuss directly with Jarvia.

Emergency home visits are available. Please discuss directly with Jarvia to arrange.


Initial consultation and treatment (1 Hour): £80

Follow-up treatments (30 Minutes): £60


What does Osteopathic treatment involve?

The first visit to Jarvia a complete medical history is taken as well as questions about lifestyle. Osteopaths want to hear about all symptoms, as well as details of any past accidents or traumas, even if they may seem unrelated to the patient's current problem.

The initial consultation will take one hour to complete, after which Jarvia will be able to offer a diagnosis and discuss a treatment programme. 

The patient may be asked to remove some outer clothing and to perform some simple movements. This is so the osteopath can observe how the patient is using their body, identify any obvious mobility impairment and evaluate posture. Neurological and Orthopaedic tests help the osteopath to eliminate possible underlying pathologies and differentiate the basis of the patient's complaint.

Treatment could include such techniques as joint/spinal manipulation; soft tissue stretching/relaxing; acupuncture; rehabilitation. Jarvia combines each therapeutic modality according to what your condition requires on the day of treatment.

Osteopaths are highly trained to manually locate points of restriction or excessive strain in various parts of the body. Using a finely tuned sense of touch or palpation, the osteopath will assess the spine, joints, muscles and tendons.

If the diagnosis is one that requires further investigation or specialist intervention Jarvia will suggest a referral to an appropriate specialist. Osteopaths often treat in conjunction with a GP, dentist, podiatrist or other health care professional.

Because osteopathy is focussed towards self-healing, Jarvia may also advise ergonomic modifications, home exercise programs and lifestyle adjustments.

All treatment programs are highly individualised and depend on the patient's current condition, past history, and ability to adapt to change. Most simple problems often require only 3-4 treatments.